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Coated and Calendered Technical Fabrics
Tejidos Técnicos Recubiertos y Calandrados


Fabrics and elastomer sheets calendered

ROSICH Y PUIGDENGOLAS, S.A. designs and manufactures fabrics and elastomer calendered sheets. Thanks to our resources we can calender one or both sides of our products according to the characteristics required. The Know-how of the company allows us to produce ensuring an excellent quality and homogeneity of the product. The exhaustive controls on the raw materials and on the finished products are what have given ROSICH Y PUIGDENGOLAS, S.A. the recognition and the required official approval to work in industrial sectors where the technical and quality requirements are extremely high.

Our calendared products can be produced with and without fabrics, with thicknesses from 0,5mm to 3mm and width of up to 150cm. Our products also can be vulcanized or non-vulcanized in one side or both.