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Coated and Calendered Technical Fabrics
Tejidos Técnicos Recubiertos y Calandrados


Specialist designers, producers and wholesalers of rubber coated fabrics.

ROSICH Y PUIGDENGOLAS, S.A. R +D department designs all products according to the final needs and customer requirements. The properties required by the client for its final use are archieved by combining the most suitable elastomers with a base of the ideal fabric. ROSICH Y PUIGDENGOLAS, S.A. produce a large range of coated fabrics following the most demanding quality standards and exhaustive controls during and at the end of the production process.

The versatility and specialization of the machines which ROSICH Y PUIGDENGOLAS, S.A. use, allows us to produce an extensive range of products.

With variations such as:

     . Width to 170cm

     . Deposition quantity: from 10 gr/m2 to 350 gr/m2.

     . One size and two sizes coated

     . Vulcanize and non-vulcanized

     . One size vulcanize/cured and the other ones non-vulcanize/uncured

The combination of all of these elements allows us to obtain technical productsa with specific characteristics such as: fireproof (fr), antistatic, semi conductive, insulating, heat and cold-resistant, chemical resistant (acids, bases, greases, oils, solvent, hydrocarbons, ...)